Support Vulnerable Children
in Moshi, Tanzania

Building and Fulfilling Children's Dreams

Children’s Aid Tanzania, a registered Tanzanian NGO, provides free volunteering opportunities supporting vulnerable children in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Our core principle has always been the belief that through volunteers we can help provide assistance for many vulnerable children. Children’s Aid Tanzania aims to help worthwhile NGO projects that lack the benefit of direct western influence, those that don’t have the facility, infrastructure and/or capacity to attract Western help. Children's Aid Tanzania offers many free volunteering experiences that match your desire to help.

Simbas Footprints Foundation - Tanzanian NGO

The core children of the Simbas Footprints Foundation
Christmas in the family home at Simbas

Simbas started with a simple mission in life, to give a small number of vulnerable children a home. the founder's were passionate about the understanding of the word home. The eight kids they took in were not going to live in an orphanage environment, they were to live in an children family home. Those eight children have grown up and developed as quickly as has Simbas Footprints. All eight are off to board at some of the very best schools that Moshi has to offer from January 2017.

Simbas is located in one of Moshi’s poorest areas where many of the children don’t have the possibility to go to school, many are on the streets and receive little or no educational encouragement. Simbas decided to tackle this and opened it's doors for all children no matter what origin or religion and so started the project Simbas Club in 2015 with three regular after school activity sessions. The aim of the club was to encourage all the children to explore and understand the positive impact of their minds, body and souls. The project immediately captured the interest of children living in the neighborhood and now the club wants to expand and run more and more community activities and projects. The plan for 2017 is to open the club's door to the families and to run women's empowerment and education programmes alongside the core educational fun activities  for the children. Help Simbas and join us with this latest free volunteer opportunity


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