Support Vulnerable Children
in Moshi, Tanzania

Building and Fulfilling Children's Dreams

Tanzanian NGO - Children's Aid Tanzania

Old Chinese (and now Swahili) Proverb:

“If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to 

fish you feed him for a lifetime.”

Children’s Aid Tanzania has been operating since 2006 as a not for profit Tanzanian NGO (Non-Government Organization). It is based and helps children in the backyard of its founder’s family roots in the vibrant district of Moshi, childhood playground and now home to his own family of the founder Mr Kashenge Kimario.

Mr Kimario, a businessman in his own right, is dedicated to providing help and education to his community's children. He is passionate about the need for children and young people to acquire sustainable skills that will benefit them in their own futures, skills that reflect and integrate the rich culture of the region. Under his guidance Children’s Aid Tanzania was set up as a Tanzanian NGO striving to do exactly as its name suggests, provide aid for all the vulnerable children and young people within the local communities in the district of Moshi. 

Children's Aid Tanzania connects international volunteers with worthwhile and meaningful Tanzanian NGO's seeking assistance. Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page for more information. It also appreciates and helps individual families and students that do not have access to the NGO's and never think to ask for help. Visit our What We Do page for more information.

In it's first decade Children’s Aid Tanzania has recognized the changing needs of the times and has kept up with those changes. Its organizational goals have remained solid and determined: one day Children’s Aid Tanzania will build and operate a community education center dedicated to the provision of vocational and educational skills that are sustainable and can be taken back to the family villages. Thus spreading the benefit of knowledge, skills and understanding.

Ten years ago upon formation as a Tanzanian NGO, Children’s Aid Tanzania concluded its mission statement with the same underlying truth that remains strong today:

But, even with our strength, Children's Aid Tanzania needs your help.