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Volunteer Opportunities In Children’s Education

Children's Aid Tanzania offers volunteer opportunities in schools, orphanages, hospitals, health centers and women's groups. Volunteers are housed in our partner hostel - Nyota Bed and breakfast on a subsidized half board basis with cultural and location orientation included. All of the volunteer opportunities are regularly monitored and are approved by Children's Aid Tanzania as conforming to our standards of care and support for volunteers.

Simbas Club

Simas Club Traditional Dance Class

Simbas Club offers a unique volunteer opportunity within a well-established Tanzanian NGO (formed 2010) which gives the volunteer a free hand in developing children’s education projects to be run during the after school Simbas Club. The club already opens its doors at least three times a week and the local community children flood in. Ages range from 5 to 16 and the children’s willingness to learn and happiness to have access to a space they can collectively call their own will touch your heart. Bring your own hobby and passion to life and run a fun based learning activity to share with the kids, you love music or art? Great, this volunteer opportunity would love you to share your passion. Can you make mathematics or simple science fun? Great, experiential learning through play based activities over the duration of your volunteer opportunity placement stay is what Simbas is looking for.

Volunteers will work with the long established Simba’s team, whose primary project is the welfare of their core 9 children for whom the foundation’s facilities is home during school holidays. The excellent facilities within the home lay dormant during school time and thus the concept of a community based club was born. Working with Simbas Club is one of CATz free volunteer opportunities. No fees charged for any volunteer opportunity placement.

Kyaro CDC Moshi

Kyaro CDC Moshi

KYARO COGNITIVE DISABILITIES CENTER thinks all children’s education is every child’s birth right whatever their circumstances. Those children born with learning difficulties and/or disabilities are the most silent and unrepresented of the many vulnerable children within Tanzanian NGO’s. Disability of any kind is still viewed as shameful within the inherent tribal cultures here and results in children often being shunned by their own families. The children’s education system ignores and views them as valueless. Kyaro sets out to change that. The project is registered as a Community Based Organisation before registration as a Tanzanian NGO and is helping just three children in the early days of the center's existence. Care and attention is given to those three’s children’s education needs and the current funding, location and staffing make the job of helping more a challenge. Kyaro desperately needs your help and support. Donations for a full time teacher, teaching aids and volunteers are needed for the project to continue and it offers volunteer opportunities in both project management via capacity building and a daily presence at the school. A social work or special needs background would be invaluable for this volunteer opportunity but ultimately your love, laughter and ability to work and play with these children is what matters most.

Sustainable Vision Tanzania

Kids love to learn at SVT

Sustainable Vision Tanzania (SVT) is a small but effective grass roots Tanzanian NGO registered since 2009 which believes that children’s education has the power to transform lives with your help. The project offers a highly rewarding and meaningful volunteer opportunity. Did you know that the public primary schools in Tanzania teach all classes in Kiswahili and yet secondary school switches to English from day one? Think about that challenge at age 12 or 13, your first day in strange school, maybe an hour or more walk away from home, separated from your friends and everyone speaking a language you have little or no understanding of. SVT believes that by providing children’s education to cover the simple basics before they start primary school will greatly improve each child’s chances of success and this is the basis of the project’s volunteer opportunity. SVT runs a pre-school for three to six years old from 8am to 4pm daily and accommodates anything between 25 and 50 students each day. The one teacher acts as cook, care assistant, teacher, cleaner and parent liaison and does an amazing job but she desperately needs YOUR support and help.

Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind Students

Mwereni Primary School offers an inclusive children’s education system for both blind and sight impaired children within its government primary school structure. Although the school is not a Tanzanian NGO it relies heavily on the volunteer opportunities it offers to trained teachers, special needs professionals, students and all who care about children’s education. With a strong and stable background provided by the Headmaster, Mr Urenge, who has been with the school since 2002 Mwereni has survived the many changes and difficulties within the children’s education systems in Tanzania. The 24 teachers of which 8 are special needs trained, all speak good English and the school’s volunteer opportunity project allocates each Teaching Assistant volunteer an individual Teacher on a “buddy” basis. The school also boasts a Medical Centre for their students (80 of whom are boarders within the Blind and Sight Impaired wing of the school) and the local community alike. Health care workers are also welcomed as part of the school’s volunteer opportunity project.


ABCDreams Logo

The vision of ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams (UK) is a world where vulnerable children can achieve their dreams. We are a small UK-based charity registered with HMRC for tax purposes, reg. no. XT38573. Along with our sister charities in Canada and Australia we raise funds to help children in rural Tanzania to complete their education.
Our project currently supports 95 orphans and otherwise vulnerable children in both primary and secondary schools. Our centre of interest is the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. Our volunteers will have some teaching experience and will be active in village life and at the schools, helping to teach Art and English. Volunteers may come for as few as 3 weeks or for as long as 3 months, or longer if you wish. We can also arrange a Kili climb and/or a safari circuit, both of which are within easy access.

Our volunteer opportunities are fully supported in-country but medical expenses, insurance and international travel will     be your own responsibility. Come and enjoy African life at village level. This can be a life-changing experience, sharing your skills and companionship with the local people. Enjoy the satisfaction that you might make positive change in a child's life.

Medical Volunteer Opportunities

Tanzania's hospital and clinics have always benefited greatly from the support and help provided by international volunteers within their projects. We are currently able to accept qualified medical practitioners at the institution listed below as part of our Tanzanian NGO Volunteer Opportunities Project

Mawenzi Regional Hospital

Mawenzi Regional Hospital was established before 1920 as a small military dispensary for German soldiers. In 1956 the dispensary became a hospital.  In the 1970’s KCMC, (Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre) a big university hospital was opened in Moshi and after that all the support and development went to KCMC.  Mawenzi Regional Hospital lagged behind without any support or funds. There are altogether 447 workers in the hospital, 152 nurses and over 20 doctors. There are about 300 beds. You can find the most common departments in Mawenzi, medical wards, surgical wards, pediatric ward, physiotherapy unit where there are 2 physiotherapists, gynecological- and prenatal ward where there is also a labor ward, HIV-unit, tuberculosis clinic, X-ray unit and a laboratory. In addition to the wards there are more than 300 out-patients in the hospital every day. In the labor ward there are more than 40 beds and several deliveries every day.  Mawenzi hospital is a very busy hospital with a lot of things are going on all the time. The workers of the hospital speak English. This makes Mawenzi hospital a very good practical training placement for volunteer opportunities.
Interns/volunteers need to bring their own working clothes and shoes and also a lot of gloves and hand disinfection liquid. Small donations of medical equipment is welcome.  Internship/ voluntary work fee is (In the contract).
Mawenzi Regional Hospital is within walking distance from the Bed And Breakfast.

Majengo Health Center

Majengo Health Center
Majengo Health Center was founded in 1969 as a labor hospital. At the time there were only about 10 workers.  The health center is funded by  the Government and by a Womens group from Norway. There are outpatients in the health center about 60 to 100 every day. About 70 to 80 babies are born in the Majengo Heath Center every month. There are 10 beds in maternity ward and 3 in the labor room. There are more than 30 child patients every day. The health center has many duties. One of the most important duties is taking care of the outpatients. The most common diseases are malaria, tuberculosis, pneumonia, hypertension, diabetes, diarrhea and vomiting, skin diseases and S.T.I’s. There are special S.T.I. doctors from KCMC university hospital that attend at Majengo Health Center. The center also does minor operations. In addition to the outpatient ward there are also several other wards in the health center. In the maternity ward, pregnant women are taken care of in a very comprehensive way starting from the beginning of the pregnancy all the way to the counseling after the baby is born. The pregnant women come to the prenatal department for regular checking before and after delivery.  They are given counseling of family planning and how to take good care of their baby. There is also a pediatric department in the health center where children under 5 years old are taken care of. People with tuberculosis come to get their medicines from the health center every day. People with HIV/AIDS get their daily medication from the center. Mothers with HIV/AIDS get counseling about a healthy lifestyle and how to take good care of their babies.
Interns need to bring their own working clothes and shoes and also a lot of gloves and hand disinfection liquid for one of Majengo's volunteer opportunities. Small donations of medical equipment is welcome.  The Internship and Voluntary work fee USD 70.00 per month.
Majengo Health Center is within walking distance from the Bed And Breakfast.