Support Vulnerable Children
in Moshi, Tanzania

Building and Fulfilling Children's Dreams

Many NGO’s start up focusing on a local community need of which they have first-hand experience and knowledge and this engenders the passion behind the NGO’s mission. From the creation of something that fulfils an immediate community need the organisation’s vision starts to emerge and almost exclusively this involves growth, reaching out further, bigger etc. But the management and organisational skills are not there and so NGO’s remain working on the daily needs with an ever growing desire to do more and the knowledge that given the opportunity they could achieve greater things but no help to get them there.

Children’s Aid Tanzania recognises a widespread need for back office support within almost all of the children’s education projects it helps plus there are other NGO’s that need help in taking their ideas to the next level as featured here.

We are looking for volunteers with a mix of the listed skills who are willing to dedicate their time and experience to assist these organisations and help them to help themselves in the future:

  • Grant writing from researching opportunities through to attainment
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Website and Social Media Content writing and development
  • Communications with potential and existing partners, donors, sponsors
  • Business Plan development

Tanzania Environmental Conservation Society (TECOSO)

THE GOAL - A sustainable community training centre to train and give practical demonstration to various sectors of the community EG: women’s groups, youth groups, students etc. in environmental conservation issues.

TECOSO knows where it want to be and has been successful in the past in the generation of initiatives and individual environmental projects within local communities but their big picture vision remains elusive. They are passionate about water management and forestation issues and recognise the future implications of continued poor management in both of these areas. At the same time TECOSO wants to use the provision of knowledge and training in these and other areas to address gender equality and sensitivity, poor health care issues whilst constantly focusing on capacity building within the communities themselves.

They plan education and training on issues such as:

·         Land use planning and management, water harvesting, bore hole wells etc.

·         Livestock – fish farming

·         Integrated bee keeping

·         Socio Economic Empowerment Entrepreneurship (SEEP)