Support Vulnerable Children
in Moshi, Tanzania

Building and Fulfilling Children's Dreams

What We Do: Children's Aid Tanzania

Children’s Aid Tanzania’s ultimate goal as a Tanzanian NGO is to build a sustainable business based vocational training centre to help the many kids that are not able to pursue an academic route out of the cycle of poverty. Bringing volunteers to Moshi through the free volunteer opportunities and connecting them to worthwhile CBO/NGO organisations is one part of Children's Aid Tanzania plans and dreams for the future. Children's Aid Tanzania is also acutely aware of the needs of individual families who are not under guardianship of a Tanzanian NGO or charitable organisation. These families struggle daily to provide the most basic of needs for their children such as food. Children's Aid Tanzania wants to act as a fundraising platform for those individuals that are “under the radar” of the more common forms of help and assistance.

Families in Distress and Deserving Of Our Help

As the stories here will show you often these families are headed by single mothers or mothers in untenable and abusive relationships. The plight of these strong, single minded and ever protective women that are mother’s first and individual women second are tragedies in this modern day and deserve the help and support of Children's Aid Tanzania and you. 

Families In Need

Fredi's Confirmation

Mama Fredi’s husband not only does not contribute financially to the household but expects Mama Fredi’s income to go toward the provision of beer money for his mother and himself. His behaviour after the recent confirmation ceremony for young Fredi left Mama Fredi, her daughter and the baby and her sisters and young nieces forced out of the house to sleep in the dust of the road in the middle of the night. Young Fredi could do no more than get down on bended knee and plead with his father to let the women back in the house. This is no atmosphere for a young boy of 14 to be brought up in and is certainly not conducive to the strict study regime which will be needed to succeed in his O levels.

Your gift of financial support will lift Fredi out of the house and place in a boarding school environment where he can receive the education he deserves without the threats of his father’s drunkenness piercing his sleep. It will also leave Mama Fredi free build a new life for herself and her children away from the volatile and unreasonable behaviour of her husband. 

Help us to help them:

Mama Albert is mother to three children and works three jobs cleaning the homes of others to keep her children at school. Mama Albert spends her every waking moment focussed on bettering her children's lives. If extra hours are available Mama Albert will take them, she has a reputation for being honest, hard working and trust worthy but more than that everyone knows she will always say yes. Weekend, holiday, early or late any chance to add to the education pot for her kids and Mama Albert is there. The past year saw the family thrown out of their home for several years as the landlady came visiting and liked the improvements Mama Albert had made so much she decided to reclaim the small property giving the family just a few weeks notice to leave. Not to be beaten Mama Albert found another small home to rent but again she was back to the beginning: no electricity, run down and dirty but worst of all was the distance from the kids schools. Mama Albert loves her kids with a fierce passion but confesses to going to her bed at night with tears of frustration and hopelessness